Happy Holidays Beekeepers!

December 22, 2020

Happy Holidays Beekeepers!

For many of us, it may not feel like the same holiday season as we continue to adjust to the ongoing changes with COVID-19. Like many, we are looking forward to better days ahead in 2021.

Like many others, our business had to adjust quickly to all of the sudden changes in the spring of 2020. The beekeeping season was off to a rough start due to grounded flights around the world that limited the amount of honey bees and queens that normally came from New Zealand and Chile to Canada. Hiveworld worked quickly get our package bees out of Chile on one of the last planes, and were very lucky to receive some bees for the 2020 season. Fortunately we were able to meet most of our 2020 orders. We thank everyone for their patience this year, it was a year of learning, adapting and changing for many of us.

As for beekeeping in Canada, 2020 was a bumpy ride. The culmination of the pandemic, lack of bees for commercial beekeepers and wet weather caused an overall decrease in Canadian honey production once again. There was also a significant increase in strains of bee disease rarely seen in major outbreaks largely due to bad weather for a second year in a row.

COVID And Beekeeping In 2021. There may still be some delays with shipping bees and equipment, but it shouldn’t be as extreme as it was in 2020 due to the air travel restrictions. Hopefully more live bees will be coming through in early spring as planned. Remember bees are live creatures and their local delivery is heavily dependent on weather and the ability to produce healthy colonies before being able to distribute.

Hiveworld’s 2021 Live Bees. Our live bees come from strong hives, and you can order with confidence as we stand behind our live bee collection with our live bee guarantee. Depending on the type of bees you buy, we will replace your purchase for a variety of reasons if they don’t meet our standards. Learn more about our live bee guarantee and what bees to buy. We have package bees, 5-frame nucs and 10-frame starter hives.

Package bees come from StrongBee in Chile. They are world renowned for the quality of their bees, and we are proud to be their Alberta supplier. Package bees come in a package with approx. 2.2 lbs of bees, a mated queen in an isolation cage and a feeding can. Available in BC and AB.

5-frame nucs are our signature product and available for pickup in AB and BC or we can ship anywhere in Canada! Our nucs are established from strong colonies in the summer and overwintered and made available the next spring.

10-frame starter hives are available for pickup in Alberta only. This is a great option for anyone starting out. You get a Langstroth hive with bees on frames. For pick up, you will need help! These hives weigh approximately 70-80 lbs, and need to be transported on a truck bed- not inside your car or truck.

What’s New In 2021?  Due to ongoing restrictions, our Edmonton store will be providing curbside pickup and delivery within 75 km. There will also be lots of opportunities to learn this season with our beginner and advanced online beekeeping courses. Our Meet The Beekeeper (MTB) will be running from April to October with both an online and in-person option (we hope!). Watch for our new 2021 beekeeping calendar! There are monthly product promotions, and on the back of the calendar, there is a special number for draws, tune into to MTB, and we will draw for prizes at each event.

We thank you for learning with us and choosing us for your beekeeping needs. We look forward to the 2021 beekeeping season, and wish you and your families a safe and healthy holiday season.

If you have any questions please contact us at: customerservice@hiveworld.ca.

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