Spring bee orders: What bees are these?

December 13, 2018 2 Comments

Spring bee orders: What bees are these?

The bees are not hibernating, and neither should the beekeeper! Now (before Christmas!) is the time to order your spring bees and register for our beginner courses, which start in early January.

Whether you plan to install package bees, a 5-frame nuc or a complete 10-frame hive next spring, it is best to place your order now so that Hiveworld.ca can ensure adequate supply. You do not have to pay for the full order right now, just a deposit.

You might ask: Why would I order bees now if I haven’t taken the beginner course yet and may decide afterwards that I don’t want to keep bees?  If you have no experience with bees at all, it may be best to not order now. Take the course, then order afterwards. If you order before Easter, we should still be able to supply what you need.

We receive lots of questions about our spring bees, so here are some answers (and our web page “What bees?” provides more information).

What species are the bees in 10-frame hives and 5-frame nucs?  They are Italian bees.

How are these bees sourced? They are from overwintered colonies in Alberta, which means they are well adjusted to our particular climate.

What kind of mite loads can be expected on receipt of the 10-frame hives? These bees have been collected by splitting larger hives, so this naturally controls mite levels during the typical season of increase.  You will need to monitor mite levels in the fall and treat as needed.

Do the 10 frames include bees, honey, brood, pollen and nectar?  Yes, there is brood in all stages and a laying queen. We try to sell as much wax comb as possible that the bees have drawn themselves.  Typically, this is 8 – 9 frames with the bees still working on one or two.

Have the bees and queen been together for 30 days or has the queen remained separated? Typically, both have been together for 4 – 8 weeks.

Can I inspect the bees? Yes, please inspect the bees before you take them away, if you wish. You can still cancel the order at that time, though the deposit will be forfeit.

Is the supplied equipment new or used? It is new.

Are the 10-frame hives standard Langstroth? Yes they are.

Are the bases screened or solid and is this an option? This is your choice.

We hope this information is useful to you, and welcome any further questions you may have. You will find more information and all the equipment you need at Hiveworld.ca. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels for all the latest news and tips.  

We're an Alberta-based supplier of everything required for successful beekeeping on the prairies in Western Canada. Whether you are a beginning hobbyist, interested in supplementing your business revenue, or a commercial operator, we've got the courses, the bees, the supplies, and the knowledge you need.


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December 14, 2018

Hi Jenn – if you are looking for just the price of the various hive components, we have a section on our website providing this information: https://hiveworld.ca/collections/hives. The “Home” page of our website will also take you to the pricing on our live bees for spring – hiveworld.ca. I hope this helps – let us know if any further questions!

Jenn Snider
Jenn Snider

December 13, 2018

What is the cost of the 10 frames and just the nucs. Just comparing. Thanks.

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