Live Bees

2024 - 5 Frame Nucs

Pre-order with "ADD TO CART" or email for larger orders.

These Nucs will be pick-up in ONLY (Sherwood Park) or shipped CANADA POST. The delivery date as normal will be in the last half of May 2024. We will be updating our customers via email about the exact time and date for the pick up.  Flexible dates available - nucs will be allowed to fly and managed for swarming if you are delayed or want a later date.

Delivery available for 50 nucs or more.

  • Mated spring Carniolan queen
  • 5 deep frames
  • Various stages of brood 
  • Frames have pollen, larvae, eggs and honey stores.
  • Approximately 12lbs net weight

Please note that a selection of these nucs will be inspected by the office of Alberta Apiculturist before they are approved to be distributed to our customers.

Hiveworld is well know for its live bee guarantee and this can be viewed online.  Please review and print the terms and conditions of sale during the checkout process for future reference about how you are covered.