Live Bees

Live Bees - 10-Frame Hive (June 2019)

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Recommended for very new beekeepers or hives to be placed in public attractions.

Ten frames of bees and brood at all stages.  Hives are government inspected and if managed properly will produce honey in their first season.

Place your order and we will contact you mid-June 2019.

Payment will be required prior to picking up your bees. (We accept Visa, MasterCard, Debit, E-Transfer or Cash.)

Comes complete with:

  • All new woodenware
  • Waxed Lid with Metal Cover
  • Waxed inner cover
  • Waxed Screened Bottom Board
  • New Painted/Waxed Super with 10 frames of brood, bees and laying queen.

All bees come with the HiveWorld live bee guarantee.

Bees are confined on the evening prior to pick-up. 

*No Canada Post shipping available for this product

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