Live Bees

Live Bees - 5-Frame Nucleus (May 2019)

No deposit required for nuc box or frames.

Available week of 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th of May 2019

Also available for pick up in BC!

Price is fixed at time of order, no spring price increase

We will contact you for your preferred pick-up date or shipment receipt date

Bees overwintered in Alberta

Comes with a mated, laying queen.

Recommended for new beekeepers.

May nucs come with 5 frames of bees and brood at all stages.  We do not recommend 4-frame nucs in BC - since the season is earlier you need 5 frames to have enough bees to produce honey the first year.  All are government inspected prior to delivery and if managed well will produce honey in their first season.

Place your order and we will contact you to secure a $50 deposit per nuc,  then again in March 2019 with dates when they will be available in the store in Edmonton or available for shipping to you.

Payment will be required prior to shipping your bees.  If you are picking up, payment will be collect at that time by Visa, MasterCard, debit or cash.

Ignore the shipping method during check out if you opt to pick-up your order.

All bees come with the HiveWorld live bee guarantee.

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