Doors open at Edmonton beekeeping store

November 21, 2018 1 Comment

hive components for sale

The doors are open at’s retail outlet on the east side of Edmonton!

Stacks of beekeeping supplies, finishing woodwork and final painting will be sorted in the coming week or so, but our store manager is already on site and ready to help with products or advice Wednesday through Saturday. We recommend you call him first, at 780-446-4579.

Any time between now and Christmas is perfect to come in and talk to us about the options for ordering bees for spring pick-up.

The store is in a commercial bay at 5418-136 avenue. It’s just off Fort Road, one block west of 137 avenue. From Fort Road go south on 136 avenue, and you will see a series of commercial bays on your left. Just look for bay number 5418.

It’s a sizeable location, and we hope there will be space for our beginner beekeeper courses scheduled for spring 2019. These two-day classes are City-approved for beginners who want to keep a hive within the City of Edmonton, and will be augmented with comprehensive hands-on training at a demonstration beeyard near Sherwood Park. Enthusiasts will become fully comfortable with bee management and handling before picking up their bee orders in April-May.

The `soft opening`of the store is the latest chapter in`s 12-year (online) journey to become a trusted source of knowledge, bees and products for the Western Canadian hobby and sideliner beekeeper.  The Edmonton company was founded on a commitment to preserve the honeybee and a source of safe, natural food. The goal is to help beekeepers at every level learn, do and succeed with products, warranties and knowledge to support the growing passion for beekeeping.

You will find more information and all the equipment you need at Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our FacebookTwitter and YouTube channels for all the latest news and tips.  

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Damon Woodhead
Damon Woodhead

December 16, 2018

Looking forward to seeing your store. Concerned about my hives wintering ability. Looking forward to courses. Will need help with registering hive. Want to buy more bees for additional hives.

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