Why Should I Take a Beekeeping Course?

February 15, 2023

Why Should I Take a Beekeeping Course?

A guide to beekeeping is your foundation to understanding how bees operate, how to keep your bees healthy, and getting connected to the beekeeping community. Learning online allows you to go over the course material as many times as you need, and once you have bees your understanding of course material will begin to take shape the more you practice. Mentors are great but seldom offer what our Online Beekeeping Course can teach you when just starting out.

View the courses here: https://academy.hiveworld.ca/

Most critical is that you get good information about what types of equipment to use. Many of our clients see neat ideas for novel beehives online and order them from all over the world. Sorry folks, but it doesn't work like that. Bees in your local geographic area need a certain size box with a certain capacity based on the flows and natural resources available to them.

View the courses here: https://academy.hiveworld.ca/

So, you want to get into beekeeping and you have done some research online, maybe you have read a popular book like Beekeeping for Dummies or Beekeeping in Western Canada. Although that’s a good place to begin, it’s not the only information you will need to get started in beekeeping.

Beekeeping can be an enjoyable, interesting, and challenging hobby or business. Every year is different as it is heavily dependent on weather and crops. No beekeeping book alone can prepare you for what experience lies ahead. To really help save the bees and make a difference there is a lot to learn. A beekeeping course is a good place to start.

View the courses here: https://academy.hiveworld.ca/

It’s Required - in our opinion and from our experience.
With any serious interest in beekeeping a course can save you thousands in the first year or two.

The Basics
Our online beekeeping course (View HERE) covers basic beekeeping information, local regulations (municipal and provincial) and more. It provides you with the foundation to get started in beekeeping.

Most beginner beekeeping courses will cover the following:

-Basic information about beekeeping
-Basic bee biology
-Local regulations (municipal and provincial)
-Information about diseases like varroa mites and treatments
-Hive parts and equipment
-Answers from experts

Have questions? You have a chance to meet with a bee expert and learn from them face-to-face. Your instructor will share the basic beekeeping information as well as their own personal experiences as a beekeeper. Sometimes the best part of a beekeeping course is the stories an instructor shares when asked the right questions.

Cost Savings
Beekeeping costs a minimum of $500 to get started (this includes bees and equipment). In the long run, a course will help you save this money and your bees! If you want to keep bees and have them flourish- you need to know how to do beekeeping. To do beekeeping well takes time, and you need to gain a lot of knowledge and experience to get there.

Continuous learning through out your first two seasons.

With our beginner beekeeping course we provide bonus access to our Hands-On Series. This series is uploaded weekly/monthly and provides a critical perspective to the season and what to expect. You can watch two of our clients speaking about the courses here:  

You will learn universal information about beekeeping as well as how beekeeping works in your location and climate. Beekeeping varies depending on the weather and the types of crops/blooms you have in your area. A course in your area will have information specific to what you can expect during your beekeeping season. For example, did you know in Alberta we see one of the biggest bee population explosions during the summer months?

As always, we are here to answer questions and help you out. Spring is only seven weeks away! There is still lots of time to take a course and learn more. See our beekeeping course offerings here.

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