A Budget for Beekeeping

How much will it cost to get started in beekeeping?

When getting into beekeeping your first year with a Langstroth hive can cost approximately $1000 to $1500 with all the basic equipment and hive components you need. We emphasize that your startup cost really depends on what equipment you are purchasing as prices do vary. As you purchase more hives, the cost decreases because you already have the main tools and equipment you require. 

Our base cost estimate includes:

  • live bees nucleus
  • 5 boxes (supers) - 2 deep boxes for brood and 3 medium boxes for honey
  • frames
  • bottom board
  • telescoping lid
  • inner cover
  • entrance reducer

Tools, clothing and other equipment, such as:

  • smoker
  • hive tool
  • capping scratcher
  • bee brush
  • honey extractor
  • feeder

And special clothing and protective equipment, such as:

  • gloves
  • bee suit

This estimate does not include medication (for the bees - not you!), education, fuel costs, registration, insurance (if required), or bottling. 

The links below will take you to collections pages where these items are for sale in our online store. Browsing through them, you'll be able to come up with an even more exact budget.

And remember that you can always take a beekeeping course!