Where to Sell Your Honey

How to make some money from your honey — and the other things your bees produce.


Of course, you can sell your honey (or give it away) to your friends and family. Doesn't everyone like honey?!

The most obvious product from being a beekeeper is your honey and you can sell it at farmers' markets and flea markets, or more formally to honey cooperatives and wholesalers.

Honey production costs are relatively low and it can be easy to sell. As a small-scale beekeeper, you can sell your honey at markets as long as you follow your provincial guidelines and rules for selling and labeling products. For Albertans, you can find these regulations here.


If you have enough hives to harvest wax, you may be able to sell beeswax or create products with it. Beeswax can be used to create soap, lip balm, candles, cream, shaving cream among other things. Do some searches online and you'll find ideas and instructions — and sometimes even an informational video.


Bee pollen has many documented benefits and is commonly sold in health food stores and online. You can collect pollen with pollen traps and sell it to customers. Pollen collection can be done in small amounts for a few hours a few days a week.


Like pollen, this is another popular, bee-made health food product. Propolis a sticky substance bees produce from the various trees and plants they visit, and it has medicinal qualities. Propolis tinctures are also popular as a herbal extract concentrated in alcohol. These fall into apitherapy, an area where bee products are used for health benefits, so you need to see what your government regulations are to sell these products and what claims you are able to make.

Mead and Braggot

You can make and sell a honey-based beer (mead) or a mix of wine and beer (braggot). This can be a fun side venture to experiment with brewing your own unique honey creations. Check your provincial liquor laws and legislation.