Alliance PREMIUM Medium Frames

Only sold in cases of 100 only.  Our Hiveworld Wholesale Price Commitment.

Our highest quality workmanship and wood quality.

Alliance manufactures an extensive range of premium quality frames and supers that ensure the longevity and viability of your hive.  With over three decades of expertise, Alliance is the most trusted manufacturer of beekeeping woodware in New Zealand. All frames are constructed using Radiata Pine that has been stiffened and hardened using some of the industries most advanced and proven seasoning techniques.

Whether you are a professional in the industry or an enthusiastic hobbyist, our products are guaranteed to match your specifications to the highest standards!

Your money goes 20% further with Radiata Pine.  North American Pine is softer and does not have the same performance quality.  North America's best keep beekeeping secret.

Dealer Pricing Available | Enquire About Wax Dipped and Assembled Boxes

Standard Langstroth Dimensions 6 1/4" with 13mm grooved bottom bar for rigidity