The Parts of a Hive

What standard components are there in a typical beehive and what are the purposes of each?

Bottom board and entrance reducer

  • Bottom board can be used on hive stand to keep off ground.
  • Entrance reducer needs to be used in the spring and fall.
  • Use together for best results.

Auto-extract super to collect honey

  • Will save on average $750 to extract honey.
  • Easy and safe for backyard honey production.

Hive stand

  • Saves equipment from rotting.
  • Ramp helps bees orientate themselves to the hive and outside world.
  • Can be used for solid and screened bottom boards.

Queen excluder

  • Important to keep the queen out of the honey boxes (supers).
  • Easy to use — learn how to use it.
  • Plastic or metal, it makes no difference to your bees.