2021 Live Bees Pick-Up and Shipping Schedule

live bees

Packaged bees, 5-frame nucs, starter hives, queens.

starter kits

Everything you need to begin beekeeping — including the education!

disease and mite treatment

Tools, honey containers, pails, smokers, uncappers, queen catchers and markers, etc.

hive frames

Deep cell plastic foundation sheets.

education courses

Learn about beekeeping and attain accreditation.

seasonal needs

Accessories and consumables for overwintering your hives.

hive foundation

Beeswax and plastic foundation sheets.

hive parts

Supers, bottom boards, entrance reducer, excluder, inner cover, stand, etc.

protective clothing

Suits, gloves, jackets, respirator.


Chemical treatments, sticky board, oxalic acid vaporizer.

hive monitor systems

Monitor hives' temperature and humidity levels.

honey extraction

Extractors, clarifier, bottling tank, jars, etc.

natural honey

Honey for sale in jars or by the comb!

gift cards

Purchase a gift card for hiveworld.ca in any amount and give the gift of beekeeping!

swarms collection and control
rentals and services

Beehives, tools, extractors, etc.