The HiveWorld Team

Store Manager

Hank Roy is an Edmontonian with a passion for bees and for helping the enthusiasts coming into the retail store for conversation and supplies. She is a graduate of the two-day course required for beekeeping in the City of Edmonton, and has hopes of raising bees and raspberries in the near future. Her interests include photography, cooking and archery, and the first two at least are great adjuncts to raising bees and making honey.

Chief Instructor

Barry Haughton is a long-time entrepreneur and problem-solver who began beekeeping as a sideline in 2001. His interest was driven by a desire to help preserve the bees and offer his learning and assistance to those who share his passion. A key focus has been on successful overwintering and strong, integrated disease and pest management. His company now manages hundreds of hives and nucs of its own, and serves all of Canada with a full range of online merchandise as well as inspected live bees.

Education and Information Team

Team lead David Holehouse works with social media specialist Kathy De Jong and website manager Ian Bowden to develop professional, effective tools that provide aspiring and experienced beekeepers with the very best learning resources, including curriculum development and course materials. Weekly and monthly attention is paid to informative posts on Facebook and Twitter, educational videos, blogs and website enhancements.