2024 1KG New Zealand Live Bee Packages - British Columbia

Pre-order with "ADD TO CART" or email customerservice@hiveworld.ca for larger orders.

  • Packages bees include: 2.2lb of live bees (approx. 7,000)
  • Total package weight (3lbs includes, live bees, queen in cage, feeding can and packaging)
  • 2024 mated Carniolan Queen
  • New Zealand experienced producer East Valley Honey - no "hot" or Africanized strains.

Bees are selected at the end of the honey flow, from the end of February until the middle of April. They are then packaged and made ready for transport. During transit bees are monitored for temperature, humidity and CO2 levels.  Real time monitoring allows us to prevent excess heating of the packages, the main cause of transportation damage.  Bees are professionally stored in and transported in a chilled environment to prevent them from aging too quickly during transit.

Pick up locations to be confirmed.  Usual locations are tentative. 

Full shipment is 704 packages on 4 pallets (176 x 4)  Pricing for full pallets includes delivery to your location.  Contact customerservice@hiveworld.ca for order confirmation and payment arrangements.