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5 Frame Nucs for 2020 - ALBERTA

New for 2020 Multiple Alberta Pick-Up Locations:

Price is fixed at time of order, no spring increase.

We will contact you for your preferred pick up date

Each nuc includes a Russian Hybrid Saskatraz Mated Queen. Nucs are an essential product for new beekeepers establishing a new hive. 

Nucs will be available from May Long-Weekend or before.  There is no substitute for a 5-Frame nuc in mid May.  4-Frame nucs are cheaper but don't have the essential strength at the correct time in the year.  They will only grow strong enough to possibly get through the winter, 

Our strong 5-Frame nucs of bees will grow quickly and produce honey the first year.  Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for up-to-the-date information and attend our weekly, free, meet-the-beekeeper for the best chance to maximize your success.  All episodes recorded and posted on YouTube.

Nucs should not be purchased or picked up after June 30th to ensure they have enough time to grow and be sufficiently strong to winter successfully outdoors.

 Ignore the shipping method during check-out if you opt to pick up your bees.

All bees come with the HiveWorld live bee guarantee.

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