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Fumagilin-B is the only approved treatment in Canada to combat nosema disease in honey bees. Fumagilin-B Jar Manufactured and sold in Canada, Fumagilin-B is highly effective in the control and prevention of both Nosema apis and N. ceranae and is proven to improve winter survival of honey bee colonies. If nosema is not treated it can debilitate or kill honey bees.

What is Fumagilin-B
How to use Fumagilin-B for nosema control and prevention
The advantages of Fumagilin-B
Fumagilin-B – proven success

Key Facts
Quick and simple to apply
Use in spring and fall / autumn for complete protection
Proven to increase winter survival rates
Proven to improve colony spring build up
High efficacy against N. apis and N. ceranae

What is Fumagilin-B
Fumagilin-B, based on a natural extract from the fungus Aspergillus fumigatus, has a highly specific action to prevent and treat nosema infestation in honey bees, with proven high efficacy against both Nosema ceranae and N. apis.

How to use Fumagilin-B to control and prevent nosema in honey bees
To combat nosema, Fumagilin-B can be used in spring and fall / autumn, according to the label directions.

Fumagilin-B can be dissolved in water or syrup at room temperature but for best results, warm the required amount of water first (to 35-50 degrees Celsius), remove from the heat and then first add Fumagilin-B, followed by sugar, and mix well by agitation. Consult the product leaflet to ensure the correct quantities of Fumagilin-B and sugar.

Additional (unmedicated) sugar syrup may be provided after the medicated sugar syrup has been finished, to ensure sufficient nourishment is supplied to the bees as required.