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Live Bee Packages [3lb] - 2022

Package bees available March to May 2022.

2.2lb of bees. Approx 7,000 bees plus a 2022 Carniolan Queen. (We do not supply chilean queens in the packages)  Gross Weight 3kg

We deliver package bees in western Canada as the weather improves.  We will post our dynamic map and schedule in Jan 2022 for you to follow.

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This video shows the easy shake system used for our package bees:

We source our bee packages from the Chilean states of Staniago and Patigonia. These regions are some of the last in the world that are completely free of Varroa mite. We work with approved, premium bee keepers in these regions with an emphasis on bee health and vitality. The beekeepers are inspected by AQIS to conform with all CFIA import requirements.

Our package bees and sent with Carniolan Queens.

Bees are selected from hives towards the end of the natural honey flow. This is from the end of February to the middle of April. They are packed into 3kg gross units ready for air transportation. Our packaging includes a feed bottle for the journey. We use wooden containers with breathable mesh to house the bees, allowing us to hydrate the bees on route. During transit our bees are monitored using GPS sensors.  We monitor Temperature, Humidity and CO2 levels.  Real time monitoring allows us to prevent excess heating of the packages, the main cause of transportation damage.

Vancouver International Airport is our arrival point in Canada.  Within an hour of arrival the package are watered and placed in a well ventilated Cooler to recover from their trans-pacific flight.  After a six to 12 hour recovery period the packages are then flown to major Canadian Airports via Air Canada and Cargojet, or sent by refrigerated truck.