2021 Live Bees Pick-Up and Shipping Schedule

Meet the Beekeeper - 2021 Beekeeping Season

We typically begin these every-second-week events sometime in May. This year, due to extenuating circumstances, we hope to begin offering them by mid- to late-May. Check back here for updates.

Hiveworld.ca’s Meet The Beekeeper Field Days are a great way for Edmonton-area beekeepers to gain hands-on experience and have their questions answered in a working bee yard.

Continue to learn along with us this beekeeping season both in-person and live online many Thursdays at 6:00pm MT. We will be coming live to you from our bee yard to share our knowledge in beekeeping and what we are experience this season in real-time. It is live and interactive, so if you have questions it’s a great time to get some answers from us!

Tickets for your online participation in these events costs $5. In-person is $10.

Meet The Beekeeper sessions run from April through October with the following tentative schedule and topics:

 Topic Date
April 22 Opening an overwintered hive, spring feeding, medication.
May 6 Setting up new colonies from nucs.
May 20 Splitting overwintered hives
June 3 Varroa mites: What you need to know. A priceless session that should not be missed. Special guest attending.
June 17 Managing nutrition for a strong hive. The most critical week in the early summer build-up.
July 1 Prepping for the main Honey Flow. How should your hive look? What to do when it doesn't look right.
July 15 Managing your bees during the main flow. Adding boxes and access to water. What if I'm going on vacation?
July 29 First honey pull.
August 12 Second honey pull.
August 26 Final honey pull.
September 9 Queen condition, strength - prep for winter/feeding/pollen supplement.
September 23 How a hive should look for winter. What to do if it things don't look right.
October 7 Wrapping your hive.