Live Bees for 2020 now available, click HERE to view

Package Bees for 2020 - ALBERTA.

New for 2020 Multiple Alberta Pick-Up Locations:

Price is fixed at time of order, no spring increase.

Packages are available March in BC, and April in Alberta (weather permitting)  We will contact you for your preferred pick up date.

Each package includes a 2020 Carniolan mated queen. Ideal for Warre Hives and top bar hives, or hives that have died during winter.  Don't worry about the messy frames, clean out the dead bees and shake a new package in with the queen.

 Ignore the shipping method during check out if you opt to pick up your bees.

All bees come with the HiveWorld live bee guarantee.

Quantity discount codes available at checkout:

5 off 10 Packages or more use = packages10

10% off 50 Packages or more use = packages50

15% off 100 packages or more use = packages100

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