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Solutionbee Hive Monitor: HM-5 (weight & ambient temperature)



The HM-5 is a streamlined build with advanced software to create the most user-friendly hive monitor on the market today.


The monitor reads both the weight and temperature of the hive, every hour. These readings are extremely precise and can help identify small but potentially illuminating changes. This offers a continual flow of data, to track the growth or decline of your hive all year round.


An important benefit of this monitor is that the entire weight of the hive rests on the monitor, so weight measurements are very precise. This compares with other monitors which take a “tilt weight” and extrapolate to estimate the actual weight.


Works with companion SolutionBee phone B-Ware apps, available for Android or iOS (Apple)

A strong build to help the retain the stability of your hive as boxes are added

Does NOT require WiFi. Data is transferred securely through the NFC* (Near-Field Communication) chip in your phone or device.

Simply place your phone near the monitor and data is uploaded to your phone.

This data is subsequently uploaded to the web, for analysis and charting.

The battery is rated to last at least two years, but in normal use may extend to five years or more, due to the extremely low power requirements of NFC (as compared to Bluetooth).

* NFC support is required for the device used to collect data from the HM-5. Many Android devices and the IPhone 7 (or later) have this support.




Tracks the weight of a hive helps determine when hives are healthy and enjoying a good nectar flow (weight increasing) or when they are potentially unhealthy and/or are not collecting nectar (when the weight is constant or decreasing).

Sends an alarm indicating which hives have suffered possible theft, bear attack or toppling (detected by sudden weight change).

Indicates which colonies are outside normal temperature and humidity ranges.

Indicates which colonies experience the heaviest nectar flows



The B-ware™ Mobile App is a valuable tool in operating your hive monitor. The app will connect your smartphone or other handheld device to Hive Monitor, with reliable communications to give you access to the monitor data.


After sending data to your smartphone, this is then uploaded to the Internet (if within cell tower range or when it enters cell tower range).


This app tool has the following features:


Live Data: See the real-time weight of your hive and ambient temperature.

View Data: View your weight and temperature data on interactive graphs after uploading your monitor data.

Read New Data: Upload all new weight and temperature data since the last reading.

Upload Data: Upload your monitor data to the Internet so that it is viewable through your favorite browser.

Set GPS Location: Set the GPS location of your monitored hives.

Alerts: Set Alarm upper and lower limits.

Further Details

HM-5 Data Sheet


HM-5 Battery Replacement


Each hive monitor comes with software & activation, including an online account, data storage in the cloud, technical support, 1-Year warranty and web/mobile application.