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Starter Kit - Honey Bee Hive (with course)

Our starter kit is a perfect first step for new Beekeepers!  Designed for the ideal Christmas gift, birthday present or an easy way to get it happening!


Kit Includes:

1-day beekeeping course in Edmonton area or online.  (Kit will contain instructions how to register on-line)

Hiveworld Bottom Board (1)

Entrance Reducer (1)

Medium Langstroth Box - Honey (1)

Inner Cover (1)

Telescoping Lid (1)

Hiveworld Pro-Vent Bee Suit - Medium (1)

Buffalo Leather Gloves - Medium (1)

Hiveworld plastic Queen excluder (1)

Hiveworld Smoker (1)

Cotton smoker fuel (1)

Hiveworld Classic Hive Tool (1)

Hiveworld Bee Brush (1)


Kit does not contain frames; the kind of live bees added to this hive in spring will dictate what frames will be required. 

This high quaity set is all standard Langstroth equipment that can be added to later, or used in other configurations along your beekeeping journey.  Bee suit and gloves are exchangeable if the recipient needs a different size. Shipped with Gift Receipt Only.

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