VitaFeed Gold 250ml

VitaFeed Gold is a natural extract based on natural beet extract and molasses and is administered as a liquid feed.

Developed over several years and thoroughly tested in field trials, VitaFeed Gold is becoming increasingly important in strengthening honeybee colonies in the face of the ongoing unexplained large-scale losses of honeybee colonies across the world.

How VitaFeed Gold helps
VitaFeed Gold stimulates colony growth and brood population in a controlled manner.

When to Use
VitaFeed Gold can be used at any time of year, but it is usually best administered in spring or autumn especially if colonies have been weakened by dysentery or related conditions.

How to use VitaFeed Gold – full instructions (pdf)
VitaFeed Gold Safety Data Sheet (pdf)
Assessment of VitaFeed Gold Applied Against Nosema ceranae and Nosema apis during Cage and Field Experiments
Control of Nosemosis with VitaFeed Gold