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Vitafeed Nutri 500g

VitaFeed Nutri is a protein-rich feed that boosts honey bee health, increases brood area and increases honey production. VitaFeed Nutri is a rigorously tested, GMO-free nutritional supplement that can be used at almost any time of year to promote controlled colony growth. VitaFeed Nutri is scientifically formulated and packed with an optimum blend of vitamins and crude amino acids specifically developed to boost your bees.

What is VitaFeed Nutri
How VitaFeed Nutri helps
When to use VitaFeed Nutri
How to use VitaFeed Nutri

Key Facts
Stimulatory pollen-rich for honey bees
Promotes controlled population growth, corrects nutritional deficiencies and extends bee lifespan
Boosts brood rearing, leading to stronger colonies and increased honey production
Safe and effective for use at any time of year, even during a ‘summer gap’.

What is VitaFeed Nutri
VitaFeed Nutri is a nutritional supplement promoting controlled population growth
Packed with easily digested proteins to correct nutritional deficiencies
For use at times of low-quality pollen to stimulate increased honey production
A pollen substitute that increases bee lifespan

How VitaFeed Nutri Helps
Honey bees need protein, but not all pollen has the same protein content. VitaFeed Nutri ensures that bees have sufficient protein to enable healthier colony development and thereby increased honey production. The year-round suitability and simplicity of applying the feed in syrup makes it an ideal product for any beekeeper wanting to keep healthier and more productive bees.

Rigorous trials in different countries have shown the remarkable effects of using the VitaFeed Nutri supplement. Studies show that bees increase their pollen consumption by 50% when the percentage of protein in the pollen drops from 30% to 20%. When protein content drops, bees turn to their own body reserves. This in turn reduces their lifespan, their brood-rearing capability and therefore the development of the colony. VitaFeed Nutri compensates for protein deficiencies.

When to Use VitaFeed Nutri Pollen Supplement
VitaFeed Nutri can be used throughout the beekeeping year:

For early development
For faster colony build up, use VitaFeed Nutri to support colony development when there is a lack of pollen

In readiness for the honey flow
For increased honey production, use VitaFeed Nutri to stimulate increased egg laying and boost colony growth

During foraging gaps
Keep colonies strong and productive by using VitaFeed Nutri during temporary summer pollen gaps. When nectar is flowing but there is a temporary lack of quality (vitamin and amino-acids) pollen, the powder should be sprinkled onto brood frames. Extensive tests have shown that application in this way does not contaminate honey.

In preparation for winter
Increase winter survival rates by feeding with VitaFeed Nutri