VitaFeed Power Pollen Supplement 1ltr

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VitaFeed Power is a nutritional stimulant packed with easily-available essential amino acids and vitamins. VitaFeed Power should be used in spring to stimulate egg laying and accelerate colony growth. VitaFeed Power is scientifically formulated and rich in vitamins, nucleotides and free amino acids, specifically developed to boost your bees.

What is VitaFeed Power
How VitaFeed Power helps
When to use VitaFeed Power
How to use VitaFeed Power

Key Facts
  • Stimulatory feed for honey bees, providing all of essential amino acids in the correct ratio
  • Accelerates colony growth, promotes egg laying and boosts wax production
  • Prevents stress and nutritional deficiencies
  • Ideal for producing splits, packages and nucs

What is VitaFeed Power VitaFeed Power:
  • is a liquid nutritional supplement packed with all of the essential amino acids that bees are unable to synthesize themselves
  • provides protein to allow honey bees to produce the enzymes necessary to break down sucrose into glucose and fructose, providing energy and dramatically boosting the colony
  • is a spring feed which should be used together with VitaFeed Patty or when there are multiple sources of high quality pollen available